Build Better Products with Personalized Content & New Feature Ideas

Surveys gives you immense power. Use the survey responses you get from each user to dynamically change your apps' content and personalize your app to your users to increase engagement and sales. InAppSurvey will also help you realize that you may need new content to satisfy an unmet need or pivot and focus your efforts entirely on a new concept.

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Our awesome features

Meditation, Mindfulness & Yoga

You can survey users about their meditation habits, what exercises they like the most, when they meditate to make the app a better fit.

Show Relevant Content

If a user indicated that they prefer calming rather than insight meditations, show the calming exercises first for that user

Focus on New Features

If most of your user indicated that they prefer calming meditation, and you mostly have insight meditations, you should create new content


Customers are constantly shopping on their mobile apps. Know who to show what to increase your sales.

Rich Customer

If a user has indicated that they like luxury items, show that user more expensive items to increase sale amount

Distinct Styles

After a survey an e-commerce company can learn that there is a popular style of item that they don't sell. Putting this in their app can increase sales and customer satisfaction.

Our awesome features
Our awesome features


Games are currently in all aspect of our lives. Gaming companies keep making new "episodes" or completely new titles as users attention span is limited.

In-Game Goods

Gaming companies can use surveys to understand which kind of in-game goods the users are willing to pay for

New Titles

Using InAppSurveys, companies can know what kind of games the users like and want and use this to create their new titles

Workout, Fitness and Wellness

Fitness and workout apps have many different routines and exercises. Sorting these by the user's preference can increase the usage significantly.

Gym vs Home

A fitness app can prioritize content based on the users answer if they own a gym membership, showing the gym goers workouts with gym equipment and others body weight exercises

Focus on a Niche

If a fitness app that does many things learn end of an survey that mostly their users are interested in cross-fit, they can specialize on that topic.

Our awesome features
Our awesome features

Food Delivery, Recipe & Dieting

Food is an incredibly personal part of our lives and users' preferences and tastes vary drastically.

Gourmet vs FastFood

Show users who like gourmet food content about high quality culinary experiences

Specific Taste/Diet

If most of your users are following a keto diet, or they are vegan, focus on these areas to strengthen your brand

Education, Learning and Self-Improvement

Each person has their own reasons for learning new things. Knowing their intrinsic motivation will help you personalize their experience.

New Topic

Learn what kind of new topics your users are interested in and create learning materials for these subjects

Technical vs Social

If a user indicated that they want to learn technical skills, sort the content to show tech courses

Our awesome features
Our awesome features

Financial Services and Banking

Knowing your customers' interest in certain financial products, or their satisfaction with your services will be vital to your business.

Financial Product

Knowing what financial product a user is interested in will help you send them relevant offers or create such product if its not something you offer

Service Satisfaction

A survey can unveil that online banking is the most important factor for your customers, and that they are unhappy with your web platform. Fixing this will ensure the survival of your business

Travel & Hospitality

Knowing your users travel preferences will make your app more personal and usable.

Personalized Packages

Knowing a user likes to go on cruises can help you sort the cruise packages to the top for that user

New Features

If you learn that budget is the most important decision point of your user, maybe creating a combined vacation packet that is filterable by budget is a good idea

Our awesome features
Our awesome features

Business, Productivity and SaaS

Knowing your business customers, their pain points and problems will help you become vital to them.

New Integrations

Learning the other tools your users are using can help you realize that you need to develop new integrations

New Features

Learning there is another pain point your customers have that is close to the problem that you are solving can help you expand your product features

Retail & Groceries

Knowing preferences and habits of your users can unlock a whole new world for your business.

New Trends

Learning that your customers are very interested with super foods or a new style of sundresses can help you manage your inventory

Loyalty Cards

Enriching your customer information from your loyalty cards with surveys will result in a more successful loyalty program

Our awesome features
Our awesome features

Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops

Give the customers what you want, in order to convert them into regulars

Menu Selection

Learning that a big portion of your customers follow a certain diet, like the vegetarian diet, can help you put more vegetarian dishes in your menu

New Deals

Learning that your customers expect lunch prices to be cheaper can help you create lighter and cheaper lunch deals

Make Better Product Decisions

Know your users better to create a product that fits their needs.