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Getting started with InAppSurvey is very easy. Embed our SDK into your mobile app, login to our web portal and start showing your users pre-built or custom surveys!

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More data. Less hassle.

Collect all the data you want without worrying about privacy laws.

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Give the user an incentive to complete a survey

You can show your users a survey in the app anytime. We recommend offering an incentive for the user to complete the survey like a discount, in-app currency, one month free subscription or could be placed instead of a video ad, especially if it's the first survey and you need to get consent for data collection and processing.

Our awesome features
If it's the first survey, ask for consent

Once the user accepts the incentive, if this is the first survey they will be filling out, ask for consent. Normally when users are asked for consent, they deny it. But this scenario, they are getting something back, so they will be willing to give consent.

Our awesome features
Show survey

After getting the user's consent, show the user the survey. Surveys can range from pre-built classics, like NPS, to custom demographic surveys.

Our awesome features
If completed, reward user

InAppSurvey SDK will let your app know if the survey was fully completed and if the user should be rewarded. If yes, give the user their reward.

Our awesome features

With this simple process, you not only got consent for data collection and data processing from the user that can be used in all the tools you use, you also collected personal data from the user legally! Your users also got their incentive and are happy about the transaction, which means that they will be willing to do more surveys!

Our awesome features
Rinse and repeat

You now can show different types of surveys with custom triggers anytime you want, without worrying about getting consent!

Our awesome features

Beautiful Dashboard That Anyone Can Understand

InAppSurvey's easy to use dashboard allows anyone to easily see the reports and put them to work for your business.

Ability to Personalize Your App To Your Users

Knowing personal facts about your users can help you significantly increase your app's usage and sales. Improve your app by changing its design and content to focus on your customer segment or show the right content to the right users.

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Full Data Export

Your team can pull the data that was collected by InAppSurvey and push it to tools you are already using such as data warehouses, marketing and product analytics tools to enrich your data with InAppSurvey's insights.

Start Learning More About Your Users Today!

InAppSurvey was built for any company that has a mobile app. It's easy to integrate, simple to use and provides powerful and actionable insights.