Get Consent for GDPR, KVKK and Other Data Privacy Laws

The world is shifting towards being more privacy centric everyday. Each country is coming up with their own privacy laws. All of these laws have one big commonality, explicit consent. InAppSurvey helps you navigate this tricky topic and succesfully and easily get the consents you need.

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Getting Consent is Tricky

Due to privacy concerns, users don't like to give consent. InAppSurvey solves this problem by making it obvious to the user why the data is collected and being honest about it. As surveys are inherently data collection tools, and as the users who agree to give their data to surveys know and understand this fact, explaining that we cannot use any of this data without their consent, makes the consent request understandable, logical and necessary. Combining this with survey incentives results in foolproof way of getting consent from your users.

Get Consent Out of the Way with the First Survey

InAppSurvey asks the user for consent on the very first survey unless you indicate otherwise. We have pre-written consent text allowing you to collect, store, use, process and transfer the data out of the country. This helps you get started quickly and means that you don't necessarily need to pay attorneys large fees. The consent form is also fully customizable so that your legal team can modify as much as they need.

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Consent for All Your Other Tools

There is a good chance that many of the tools you are using have servers outside the country of your users, which most likely means , using that tool is illegal as it moves the user data across the border without explicit consent from your users. If you have users in multiple locations, this will quickly become a huge problem. InAppSurvey fixes this as the consent received from the user is for your app and your company. So you can use the same consent for your other tools! Keep calm and carry on.

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