Easily Collect User Insights and Consent

InAppSurvey allows you to openly collect personal user data via pre-made and custom surveys in your mobile app. You can also use InAppSurvey to get the consent required from your users to be compliant to GDPR, KVKK or any other data privacy laws.

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Our awesome features

Surveys Users Actually Complete

Mobile apps are the most personal medium a company has to connect with their customers. Because of this, mobile surveys have a significantly higher completion rate. Combining this with the fact that you can survey someone while they are performing a relevant action on your app, not only increases the chance of them completing the survey, it also increases the quality of the answers. Compared to an email survey, or a web survey, InAppSurvey is superior from any point of view.

Use Survey Incentives for Win-Win Situations!

Normally, having users fill out surveys is difficult. Having them give consent for data collection and processing is nearly impossible. That's why InAppSurvey helps companies setup survey incentives. The company offers in-app goods or discounts in exchange for users filling out a survey and willingly give their personal data AND for them giving consent to your company to collect, store, process, move and use their personal data for your companies' benefit.


Our awesome features
Our awesome features

Collecting User Data is Becoming Harder Everyday

Due to privacy laws and tech ecosystem's shift towards privacy, such as iOS 14, user data is getting scarce. Third party data is becoming increasingly unreliable as this kind of data collection is becoming illegal worldwide. InAppSurvey allows you to collect first party data directly from your user, right inside your app. It's easy to setup and easier to use.


Getting Consent to Gather and Process Data is Tricky

Users don't tend to give the data processing consent you need. With InAppSurvey you will be able to easily and effortlessly get consent that you need to process the users' data or take the data outside the country. This way you won't need to change the tools use already use, even if they don't have a physical presence in your location.


Our awesome features
Our awesome features

Want Marketing Super Powers?

InAppSurvey allows you to know exactly what you want to know about your users! Want to know who to target with your ads? Ask your best customers to get their demographics data! Want to know what to show in ads? Ask your customers which ad they like the most. The possibilities are limitless!


Want to Know Exactly What to Build?

InAppSurvey provides your product team with unlimited data potential. Want to know if your product is loved? Do a customer satisfaction or NPS survey! Want to know if there are features missing? Ask which pain points are not solved with your product! Imagination is your only limit!


Our awesome features

What People Say

Join our happy customers worldwide who are already using our product to get to know their users on a personal level.

"InAppSurvey helped us get consent for us to be GDPR compliant. With their help we can keep using other tools that don't have servers in Europe!"

Jerry Langstaff
CTO at TinyFasting

"Our cost per user acquisition dropped drastically after we started using InAppSurvey as we learned what age-range our best customers are and learned their interests"

Esat Balkir
COO of Duelit

"We use InAppSurvey to gather data directly from our users. It helps us decide which feature to build next, determine their happiness with our services and identify problems in our app "

Sherry Ludwig
Product Manager of Listicle

Start Getting to Know Your Users Better Today

With InAppSurvey, you can get open consent, learn about your customers, and put the data in action in a matter of minutes.